Create Device Transfer Request


Creates a Device Transfer Request, which specifies specific Device Identifiers (such as Serial Numbers, IMEIs, etc) to transfer from the Requesting customer-manufacturer to another Customer account.

To complete the transfer request, the following must be true:

  • The Customer account must be designated as a Manufacturer
  • The Customer ID provided must be associated with the Customer-Manufacturer making the request
  • The deviceIdentifiers parameter must be a non-empty List of strings
  • All devices listed via the deviceIdentifiers parameter must belong to the requesting Customer-Manufacturer
  • The Devices listed via the deviceIdentifiers parameter must be in Available or Available - Repacked status
  • Devices must not have a Patient assigned to them.

For more information see the DeviceTransferRequest Model.


This endpoint expects an object.
The ID of the Customer to transfer the Devices to.
list of stringsRequired
A list of strings containing the Device Identifier values to transfer.