Get Started

Impilo API


Welcome to the Impilo API hub, designed for seamless integration and providing comprehensive documentation and guides. Our aim is to facilitate a straightforward integration process, offering transparent timelines and explicit expectations right from the initial stages of implementation.

Getting Started with Impilo API Integration

Initial Steps

  • API Documentation: Begin by reviewing our public API documentation to understand the available endpoints and their functionalities. This documentation is crucial for planning how you will utilize our services in your integration.
  • Staging Account and Token: Once you have familiarized yourself with the API documentation, contact your account manager to request staging access and an API token. This step is essential for testing and developing against our API in a controlled environment.

Integration Process

Review API Documentation

Begin by thoroughly reviewing our API documentation to understand the functionalities of the available endpoints. This initial step ensures you are fully prepared with any queries or need for clarifications ahead of the integration process.

Kickoff Meeting

We schedule a kickoff meeting within one week after you have accessed the API documentation. During this meeting, you will be introduced to your designated engineer, who will be your point of contact for resolving any questions and troubleshooting issues throughout the integration process.

Weekly Reviews

Following the kickoff, you are entitled to weekly meetings with your designated engineer. These sessions are aimed at reviewing workflows, discussing integration progress, and providing you with additional support as needed.

Going Live

Once your integration build is complete and has been thoroughly tested in the staging environment, we will work with you to set a timeline for transitioning the project to production.


For any additional inquiries or to request access to our staging environment, please contact your account manager directly.