Readings - Blood Pressure

Export Blood Pressure Readings

Provides an export of blood pressure readings for a specified patient over a selected date range, available in either Excel or CSV format. Users can specify a patient ID to retrieve data for a particular individual, or leave the parameter empty to potentially export data for all patients, depending on service implementation. Optional start and end date parameters allow for filtering the data by the desired timeframe. The 'excel' flag determines the format of the output; when true, the data is exported in Excel format, otherwise, it is provided as a CSV file. The response consists of a direct stream of the chosen data format to the client.

Query parameters

Determines the format of the export: if true, the data is returned in Excel format; otherwise, it is returned as CSV.
The ID of the patient whose blood pressure readings are to be exported. If not provided, readings for all patients may be exported.
The start date for filtering blood pressure readings. Only readings after or equal to this date will be included.
The end date for filtering blood pressure readings. Only readings before this date will be included.


This endpoint returns a file.
1curl -G \
2 -H "Impilo-API-Key: <apiKey>" \
3 -d excel=true \
4 -d patientId=0