Readings - Weight

Export Weight Readings

Exports weight readings for a specified patient over a selected date range, available in either Excel or CSV format. This endpoint allows the specification of a patient ID, enabling the retrieval of weight data for an individual patient. Alternatively, if no patient ID is provided, it may export readings for all patients, dependent on the implementation details of the service. Users can also specify start and end dates to filter the export to a specific timeframe. The 'excel' parameter dictates the format of the output; if set to true, the readings are exported in Excel format, otherwise in CSV format

Query parameters

Determines the format of the export: if true, the data is returned in Excel format; otherwise, it is returned as CSV.
The ID of the patient whose weight readings are to be exported. If not provided, readings for all patients may be exported.
The start date for filtering weight readings. Only readings after or equal to this date will be included.
The end date for filtering weight readings. Only readings before this date will be included.


This endpoint returns a file.
1curl -G \
2 -H "Impilo-API-Key: <apiKey>" \
3 -d excel=true \
4 -d patientId=0