Create Item Transfer Request


Creates an Item Transfer Request, which lists general Items and Quantities to transfer from a Customer-Manufacturer account to another Customer account.

To complete the transfer request, the following must be true:

  • The Customer account must be designated as a Manufacturer
  • The Customer ID provided must be associated with the Customer-Manufacturer making the request
  • The transfers parameter must be a non-empty list of ItemTransfer objects
  • Each ItemTransfer’s item parameter must include an ID for the Item to be transferred
  • Each itemTransfer’s item parameter must be in both the Requesting AND Receiving customer catalogs
  • Each ItemTransfer’s quantity parameter must be an integer value greater than 0

The only requirement for the ItemTransfer’s item parameter is a JSON object that includes an ID of the Item requested.

For more information see the ItemTransferRequest Model.


This endpoint expects an object.
The ID of the Customer to transfer the Devices to.
list of objectsRequired
A list of ItemTransfer objects containing the Item IDs and quantities to transfer.